During my childhood, my mother used to take me to Sunday School, where the truth of the Word of the God became rooted in my heart. At the age of four, I began singing hymns and spiritual songs in Sunday School. And for a long time singing hymns at the St. Vartan’s Church produced in me inner enjoyment. During this period, I often testified to my girlfriends about my faith and about the salvation that the Lord provides. But they used to mock me, and say, “Whatever you’re saying is not for us, they are for the elderly. We will enjoy our life”. They often used to express in this manner. At one time I was drawn to their mentality, and began to think, whether their view was correct. Consequently, I gave in to their ideology. But shortly thereafter, I realized that I had lost my inner peace! I knelt before the Lord and in tears, I said, “Lord! When I had You, I had joy in my heart; but when I departed from You, I lost that peace”. That same night, the Lord Jesus appeared to me, in a dream, and called me, “Salpi! Salpi! I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, follow my way!” I immediately rediscovered my joy and peace. I was 17 years old when I had this experience, and my spiritual development began, when I committed my life to the Lord and to His guidance.  Gradually, I realized my God-given calling. When I focused on this calling to sing, I recognized God’s fundamental role both in the preparation of my singing and in the selection of the songs, which first spoke to my heart. I began to see God’s inner working power, both in my life and in the life of my audience. My inner being had become the altar for my worship, where I enjoy the Lord’s presence, which changes my songs into worship. This same Lord, lifts me up to magnify His holy name. The Lord is the center of my singing. Without His strength I cannot sing. He is the source of my music. When He speaks to people, He speaks through music.

The Lord granted me my husband, Sako, and my three children: Sarine, Selah and Mikel-Minas. The Lord is the subject of our daily worship and devotion.  He grants us numerous opportunities to magnify Him in various countries:, by serving Him as a whole family, by conducting spiritual concerts and spiritual revival campaigns. The Lord is glorified by the singing, the exposition of His Word and by short skits.

The goal of my life is the proclamation of the psalmist: “I will sing to the Lord as long as I live” (Ps. 104:33).
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